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​​​Money donated here will be given to the New Zealand and American Cancer Society. To help with their work in finding a cure, as well as helping to prevent cancer or detect it early, when it’s most treatable. They also provide people with the resources and support they might need to get through their cancer experience.

Week 1: NYC hall – Versailles PA, 364 miles
Monday 6th May - Sunday 12th May

Week 2: Versailles PA – Indianapolis IN, 364 miles
Monday 13th May - Sunday 19th May

Week 3: Indianapolis IN – Columbia MO, 361 miles
Monday 20th May - Sunday 26th May​

Week 4: Columbia MO – McPherson KS, 323 miles
Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June

Week 5: McPherson KS – La Junta CO, 342 miles
Monday 3rd June - Sunday 9th June

Week 6: La Junta CO – Farmington NM, 331 miles
Monday 10th June - Sunday16th June

Week 7: Farmington NM – Seligman AZ, 327 miles
Monday 17th June - Sunday 23rd June

Week 8: Seligman AZ – City Hall Los Angeles CA, 398 miles
Monday 24th June - Monday 1st July

How I plan to do this
I have had official confirmation from Guinness World records for my attempt, the current record is 69 days 2 hr 40 min by Mavis Hutchinson (South Africa) (b. 25 Nov 1924) from 12 March to 21 May 1978. I believe that I can complete this in 55-60 days, giving me another 9 day margin should anything go not according to plan.

​​ My plan is to average 50 miles a day running for a course of 8 weeks, I‘ll run approx 10-12 minute miles, and will break up the longer runs by walking 5 minutes every 2 miles. I am setting up the days into a series of runs to break up the mileage.

Wake and eat a small snack/meal

Run approx 15 miles

Stop for a bigger breakfast, rest, and stretch

Run approx 10 miles

Stop for lunch, rest and stretch

Run approx 10-15 miles

Stop for a light snack, rest and stretch

Run approx 10-15 miles

Stop for dinner, shower, stretch, ice and massage


​​T​his daily plan is an average and the mileage each day will depend on the terrain and weather, but I am setting myself weekly mileage goals to achieve in order to stay on track and therefore on some days will be able to run less as a break day or if the terrain and/or heat is a bit extreme and some days may run a little bit further should I feel good, or have fairly flat terrain and cooler weather. I am intending on having a car follow me the majority of the way with everything I need on a weekly basis. At the end of each week I will spend a night in a motel booked in advance, giving myself weekly checkpoints to aim for and allowing places where support crew can meet up with me.

My support crew will be there to cook meals so that when I have finished running I will already have food waiting for me; to scout out the road ahead, make sure it is safe and let me know what I’m heading for so I can prepare and adjust my running speed to suit; to document my run by taking videos or photos; to contact local media, schools or running clubs as we go along and let them know how far away I am and to provide encouragement and support for me while I’m running.

I am inviting anyone who can and wants to, to come and run with me at any point during my run. I will also be contracting the local schools, universities and running clubs in the towns that I run through and letting them know when I will be passing through and inviting them to also run with me. I look forward to meeting new people, hearing everyone’s stories and giving people a reason to run. ​​

Meal towns/Stop over points

Week 1

Day 1, May 6th:
B/fast - Fort Lee,NJ
Lunch - Clifton, NJ
Snack - Parsippany, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Dinner - Mine Hill, NJ

Day 2, May 7th:
B/fast - Washington township, NJ
Lunch - Washington, NJ
Snack – Philipsburg, PA
Dinner - Allentown. PA

Day 3, May 8th:
B/fast - Allentown, PA
Lunch - Hamburg, PA
Snack - Strausstown, PA or Rehrersburg, PA
Dinner – Fredericksburg, PA

Day 4, May 9th:
B/fast - Skyline view, PA
Lunch - Harrisburg PA
Dinner - Carlisle PA

Day 5, May 10th:
B/fast - Newburg, PA
Lunch - no town
Dinner - Taylor, PA

Day 6, May 11th:
B/fast - Breezewood, PA
Lunch - Bedford, PA
Dinner – 5 miles before Stoystown, PA

Day 7, May 12th:
B/fast – Jennerstown, PA
Lunch – Ligonier, PA
Snack – Greensburg, PA
Dinner - Versailles, PA

Week 2

Day 8, May 13th:
B/fast - Mingo Creek County park - 2 miles after Ringgold high school, PA
Lunch - Washington, PA
Snack - Claysville, WV
Dinner - few miles before Triadelphia & Elm grove, OH

Day 9, May 14th:
B/fast - In between Brookside & St Clairsville, OH
Lunch - Morristown, OH
Snack - 2 miles after Barnesville, OH
Dinner - Lore City, OH

Day 10, May 15th:
B/fast - 2 miles before New Concord, OH
Lunch - 2 miles before Zanesville, OH
Snack - Hopewell, OH
Dinner - Jacksontown, OH

Day 11, May 16th:
B/fast - Etna, OH
Lunch - Columbus, OH
Snack - Lincoln village, OH
Dinner - Lafayette, OH

Day 12, May 17th:
B/fast - 4 Miles after South Vienna, OH
Lunch - Green Meadows, holiday valley OH
Snack - Huber heights, OH
Dinner -Englewood, OH

Day 13, May 18th:
B/fast - Lewisburg, OH
Lunch - Richmond, IN
Snack - no town
Dinner - Few miles out of Cambridge city

Day 14, May 19th:
B/fast - Knightstown, IN
Lunch - Greenfield, IN
Snack - Warren, IN
Dinner - Indianapolis, IN

Week 3

Day 15, May 20th:
B/fast - Plainfield, IN
Lunch - Stilesville, IN
Snack - no town
Dinner -Harmony, IN (or Knightsville or Brazil)

Day 16, May 21st:
B/fast - Phoenix Hills, Terre Haute IN
Lunch - 8 miles before Marshall, IL
Snack - 2 miles after Marshall, IL
Dinner - Casey

Day 17, May 22nd:
B/fast - Greenup, IL
Lunch - Montrose, IL
Snack - Effingham, IL
Dinner - St Elmo, IL

Day 18, May 23rd:
B/fast - Vandalia, IL
Lunch - Mulberry Grove, IL
Snack - Greenville Lake, IL
Dinner - Alhambra, IL

Day 19, May 24th:
B/fast - 2 miles before Bethalto, IL
Lunch - Altor, IL
Snack - no town
Dinner - St Charles, IL

Day 20, May 25th:
B/fast - Lake Saint Louis, MO
Lunch - Foristell, MO
Snack - Warrenton, MO
Dinner - Tree Farm rd & Pinnacle lake rd, MO

Day 21, May 26th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - Columbia

Week 4

Day 22, May 27th:
B/fast - Rocheport, MO
Lunch - Boonville, MO
Snack - Pilot Grove, MO
Dinner -Sedalia, MO

Day 23, May 28th:
B/fast – Greenridge, MO
Lunch – no town
Snack – Leeton, MO
Dinner - Clinton or Warrensburg, MO

Day 24, May 29th:
B/fast – Chilowee, MO
Lunch – La Tour, MO
Snack - Harrisonville, MO
Dinner - Louisburg, MO

Day 25, May 30th:
B/fast – Junction rte 68 &169
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - Just out of Ottawa, KS

Day 26, May 31st:
B/fast – Williamsburg, KS
Lunch – Waverly, KS
Snack – Lebo, KS
Dinner – Emporia, KS

Day 27, June 1st:
B/fast – no town
Lunch - Cottonwood falls, KS
Snack – Just after Elmdale, KS
Dinner – Marion, KS

Day 28, June 2nd:
B/fast - Hillsboro, KS
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - McPherson, KS

Week 5

Day 29, June 3rd:
B/fast – Windom, KS
Lunch - Up from Lyons, KS
Snack - Ellinwood, KS
Dinner – Great bend KS

Day 30, June 4th:
B/fast - Pawnee Rock, KS
Lunch – Garfield, KS
Snack - no town
Dinner – Kinsley, KS

Day 31, June 5th:
B/fast - Offerle, KS
Lunch – Spearville, KS
Snack - no town
Dinner – Cimarron, KS

Day 32, June 6th:
B/fast - Pierceville, KS
Lunch – Garden City, KS
Snack - Holcomb, KS
Dinner – Lakin, KS

Day 33, June 7th:
B/fast – no town
Lunch – Syracuse, KS
Snack - no town
Dinner – Holly, CO

Day 34, June 8th:
B/fast - Granada, CO
Lunch - Lamar, CO
Snack - no town
Dinner - Hasty, CO

Day 35, June 9th:
B/fast - Up from Las Animas, CO
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - La Junta, CO

Week 6

Day 36, June 10th:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 37, June 11th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - Walsenburg, CO
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 38, June 12th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - Fort Garland, CO
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 39, June 13th:
B/fast - Sandford, CO
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - Goldpan RV park and cabins, CO

Day 40, June 14th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - Chama, NM?
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 41, June 15th:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 42, June 16th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - 5 miles before Bloonfield, NM
Snack - no town
Dinner - Farmington, NM

Week 7

Day 43, June 17th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - Shiprock, NM
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 44 - 46, June 18th - 20th:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 47, June 21st:
B/fast - 5 miles out of Tuba City, AZ
Lunch - no town
Snack - Cameron , AZ
Dinner - no town

Day 48, June 22nd:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 49, June 23rd:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - Seligman, AZ

Week 8

Day 50, June 24th:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 51, June 25th:
B/fast - no town
Lunch - Kingman, AZ
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 52, June 26th:
B/fast - Laughlin, AZ
Lunch - no town
Snack - no town
Dinner - no town

Day 53-54, June 27th - 28th:
Won't be any towns to stop in for meals

Day 55, June 29th:
B/fast - Joshua Tree, CA
Lunch - Morongo Valley, CA
Snack - White Water, CA
Dinner - 2 miles after Cabazon, 3 miles before Banning, CA

Day 56, June 30th:
B/fast - Beaumont, CA
Lunch - Loma Linda, CA
Snack - Rialto, CA
Dinner - Ontairo, CA

Day 57, July 1st:
B/fast - Covina, CA
Lunch - Alhambra, CA
Snack - no town
Dinner - Los Angeles!

Daily routes
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